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The ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention". It's certainly been true for us at ISC International Limited. In our 25 years in business, our customers have presented us with some pretty unusual challenges. But we're always eager to put our creative juices to work to solve problems. Here are a few examples of how those efforts have paid off. Click on each case study to learn more!

Customization Meets the Need
A top 10 Fortune 500 petroleum company, which tracks its message activity through ISC's Extranet, needed to assign varying levels of permission to its employees who had access to the web-administration tool. The customization provided by our network engineers to meet the need is now a feature all customers can use to their advantage!

Solid Connections Deliver
When sending messages overseas, transmission lines aren't always reliable. Message volume can clog lines. Weather can wreak havoc. But because many of our customers count on us to send international messages, we've developed processes to help make sure those critical messages get through.

Compliant Record Retention
A leading national insurance carrier is among our customers that are required to store records securely, in compliance with federal regulations like HIPAA. When that need first arose, ISC developed message and data archiving capabilities that not only met the requirement but delivered added benefits to the customer.

Tracking Message Responses
One of our insurance customers was preparing to send a message to several hundred employees which required a written response. Our challenge was to find a way to track the responses. We did it - with barcodes.

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