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Compliant Record Retention

TitleMessage Archiving Meets Federal Requirements for Document Retention
ClientA Leading National Insurance Company
Client IndustryHealth insurance
ChallengeThis customer was looking for effective ways to comply with HIPAA regulations. The customer is required to store records for a long period of time and have the records available to authorized personnel and also have the records secured from unauthorized access.
SolutionISC developed message and data archiving wherein a customer can have messages and attachments automatically and permanently stored on ISC's archive server and further, the customer can upload documents directly to the archive server. This information is now secure on a server which is not on the customer's premises, yet a representative of the customer with appropriate login credentials can access the information at any time. A powerful search engine was developed to allow the customer to quickly locate any needed document.
ResultsThe customer is now able to store their records in a HIPAA compliant format, at the same time freeing up their own storage space or alleviating their need for storage servers altogether. The archived information is replicated by ISC and maintained at servers at two distinct and remote secure locations, ensuring the continuity and availability of the stored data.
Services ProvidedMessage and document archiving, which is accessible and secure.
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