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Customization Meets the Need

TitleCustomized Web Administration Tool Allows Varying Levels of Access Permission
ClientA top 10 Fortune 500 company
Client IndustryPetroleum
ChallengeMany of the customer's employees required access to ISC's Extranet website in order to oversee and manage various aspects of the company's messaging traffic. However, internal security is of critical importance to the customer and the customer could not allow all of the employees having access to the Extranet to view all information and perform all functions available through the Extranet.
SolutionISC's network engineers were able to customize the ISC Extranet and provide varying levels of permission. The customer's management can now authorize Extranet access for various employees and at the same time dictate what information will be available to each employee and what functions each employee will be allowed to perform. For example, an employee may be given access to all messaging traffic on a particular account, such as who sent the message, who received the message, and when it was received, yet at the same time, the employee may not view the actual image or content of the message.
ResultsThe customer is now able to allow some level of Extranet access to a wide range of employees. The customer can pick and choose the data and functions available to the employee based upon that employee's security clearance.
Services ProvidedAny customer subscribing to Extranet access can determine the level of authority granted to each Extranet user. Permissions include but are not limited to viewing images, archiving, re-queuing messages, cancelling messages, and account access.
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