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Features: Business Messaging Services

Whether you're in need of internet fax, SMS (Text messaging) or telex services, ISC International Limited offers a variety of value-added features:

Web Administration: Monitor and manage your company's messaging traffic in real time using our custom-built client extranet.

Professional Fax Cover Sheet: Personalize your outbound communications with your logo or custom text.

Custom Reporting: We'll work with you to develop a custom reporting plan that will deliver the messaging metrics you need, when you need them.

Color Fax: With ISC's color faxing service, you can send color images directly from your PC to fax machines and remote printers.

Barcode Tracking: Track and process responses to your business communications with unique barcodes.

Automated Forms Overlay: E-mail or FTP your data to ISC International Limited. We'll populate a stored form with that data - and forward the completed form as a fax to one or many recipients.

Received Stamp: Any fax you receive electronically through the ISC International Limited network can be date and time stamped at the bottom of each document.

Fax Identification Tags: We'll associate a company name, a person's name, or any other text you specify with inbound fax numbers so you can immediately identify the source of your inbound message.

OCR Fax: Optical character recognition converts your inbound electronic fax to plain text, allowing you to edit, copy or cut text from that fax message and import it into another file format.

Fax Number Options: Obtain local, toll-free or toll-free international fax numbers through ISC.

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