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Professional Fax Cover Sheet

Professional Fax Cover Page by ISC International

While ISC International Limited's fax service is designed to get you up and running in a matter of hours, we also know how important it is that messages sent through the ISC network attract attention. That's why, if asked, we'll take the time to help your communications to stand out from the crowd.

ISC will work with you to develop professional fax cover sheets to draw attention to your communications or to meet a specific need. We've worked with many of our current customers to design personalized cover fax pages with:

  • The addition of company logos
  • The inclusion of imagery or color photos
  • The development of a professional fax cover sheet specifically for a department or group within the company
  • The inclusion of custom text that will automatically populate (like date and time, fax number, contact information, page count, reference number, etc.) on fax cover pages

Once designed, ISC can set up your account to automatically generate the new professional fax cover sheet each time you send a fax. Or, if you only want to use the new fax cover page occasionally, you can simply include the name of the custom-designed cover page in the email address line each time you send a message.

Let ISC customer service representatives can show you how easy it is to help your communications stand out from the crowd with custom-designed professional fax cover sheets.

If you choose not to have a customized fax cover page created, a default, non-personalized cover page is available.

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