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Fax Identification Tags

If you've ever received a fax from an unnamed "fax number" you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to identify who sent it so you can determine its priority.

ISC International's inbound fax identification tags eliminate that guesswork. With ID tags, we will associate a company name, a person's name, or any other text you specify with inbound fax numbers. That name or text will then be displayed in the subject line of each inbound fax you receive electronically from that number through the ISC Network.

For example, let's say you routinely receive dozens of faxes each day and among them are communications from your company's headquarters that must take priority. Make those communications stand out - with our Fax ID tags. Instead of seeing a number in the subject line we can associate that number with a name, so that you'll instantly know it's a priority.

A fax ID tag saves time because it:

  • Immediately identifies the source of your inbound message
  • Lets you easily determine if the fax is high or low priority
  • Gives you the insight you need to route the fax appropriately

With our fax identification tag feature, you can identify as many inbound fax numbers as you need.

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