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Electronic fax and broadcast messaging from ISC International Limited

In today's economic climate, outsourcing your business messaging makes sense - especially when you can do so with confidence. At ISC International Limited, we offer a full suite of messaging services that are not only cost effective, but reliable and secure.

Internet Fax Services: Retire the fax machine and its dedicated phone line. Instead, enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving faxes via e-mail. ISC International's internet fax service allows you to send, receive, store and organize faxes as you would e-mail - directly from your computer or mobile device. With our Web Administration tool, you can even track responses to your business messaging through unique barcode tracking!

Fax Broadcasting: Sometimes known as fax blast, this business messaging service allows you to send one fax to an unlimited number of recipients with just a single e-mail. You can even manage your distribution lists and archive messages.

Application Faxing: Application faxing is a service used by companies that routinely send large quantities of faxes containing data stored and maintained in various applications.

SMS Broadcasting Service: When you have urgent, mission-critical information to communicate, our Text Message Broadcasting Service allows you to simply type your message into an e-mail, then send the text to an unlimited number of recipient locations regardless of the type of destination device used (pager, cellular phone, etc.) or service provider.

Message Archiving: Message Archiving from ISC International allows you to store, search and retrieve your fax, SMS and telex messages indefinitely and securely - without taking up storage space on your own server.

Telex Services: Telex communications are used frequently in the finance and shipping industries. With ISC's telex service, you can send and receive telex messages directly from your PC or mobile device. You can send telex messages to anyone in the world, including ships at sea.

Overnight Document Processing: Send overnight domestic and high priority international documents at great rates. Our overnight document processing service allows you to eliminate the hassle of typing air bills, stuffing envelopes and managing tracking numbers.

Secure Messaging Service: For some industries, such as the healthcare and insurance sectors, HIPAA compliant data transmissions are a requirement. ISC offers secure internet fax services to meet those standards of integrity, availability and confidentiality.

Although no customization is needed to use these business messaging services, ISC has the flexibility to modify each service to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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And, we invite you to see what our clients are saying about the confidence they have in ISC's business messaging services.

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