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Application Faxing

Put ISC International to work for your application faxing. Send high volume faxing

If you're in the business of routinely sending large quantities of faxes, you know how complicated and labor-intensive the process can be. And if you've got to customize those communications with data stored in various applications - well, the challenge can be overwhelming.

But at ISC International Limited, we've got Application Faxing down to a science. Just tell us what you need to accomplish, and we'll do all the heavy lifting.

  • We can migrate data from any application, including those developed specifically for other third providers or from legacy systems.
  • If custom programming is required to ensure compatibility, we'll handle it. Your staff won't need to change the way your data is stored or the way your applications function.
  • We'll create custom forms for the delivery of your fax communications.
  • We'll deliver back to you custom reports detailing fax activity.

Here's an example of Application Faxing in action. One of our customers makes copiers and printers that are leased to businesses across the country. Meters on each piece of equipment record the number of copies made or pages printed and that information needs to be gathered for billing. So each month, our customer sends faxes to tens of thousands of accounts where someone records the equipment meter reading then faxes back the completed form.

To maximize efficiency for this customer, we developed an application faxing process where:

  • The customer sends us data about each of the metered machines, such as:
    • Whether it's a black and white or color printer
    • Its serial number
  • We then populate, with that machine-specific information, outbound fax forms that are further customized to include, for example, the company's logo.
  • Once the forms have been sent, completed at each account, and faxed back to ISC, our OCR fax feature scans each inbound fax image for serial numbers and other relevant data.
  • From that data, we prepare an activity report which is sent to the customer.

You, too, may have unique requirements for application faxing. Whatever your challenge, we've got the experience and willingness to customize a solution to meet your needs.

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