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Internet Fax Services

Simplify your life with ISC International Limited's Internet Fax Service.

Faxing is now as easy as using e-mail.

With the internet fax service offered by ISC International, you simply create an e-mail, attach a file and click "send". We'll take care of the rest.

  • ISC's internet fax service electronically converts your e-mail to fax and delivers it to one or many recipients.
  • We'll automatically re-try busy fax numbers for up to 2 hours (or for a different duration if your company has a specific requirement).
  • You'll receive fax delivery notifications via e-mail.
  • Our internet fax service supports more than 60 file types including Microsoft, .tif, .pdf and .pcl.

When you receive faxes, our inbound internet fax service allows you to establish an 800 or non-800 number and when that number is dialed, the sender's fax is submitted to the ISC Network. We, in turn, convert that fax to e-mail and deliver it to you.

  • You'll never again have to leave your desk to retrieve a fax.
  • Incoming faxes won't be picked up by the wrong person or missed because paper or toner ran out.
  • Large inbound fax files can be broken down to comply with your company's email file size requirements.

In all cases with our internet fax service, you can read, forward, store and organize your electronic faxes as you would email.

Internet Fax Service Features
Our internet fax services are offered with both standard and optional features. Among the most popular options are color faxing, custom cover pages, barcode tracking, message archiving and web-based administration of your service activities.

Click on any internet fax service feature to learn more!

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