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Technical Information

ISC International Limitedprovides an uninterrupted secure data flow

At ISC International Limited, we appreciate your need to protect the security and integrity of your business messaging activity. Our network has been built to provide uninterrupted, secure service to our customers.

Redundant Data Centers
ISC maintains two inter-connected data centers located over 20 miles apart from each other. Each data center

  • Contains all critical components necessary to facilitate messaging traffic and message archiving
  • Contains a backup set of components so the loss or failure of any one component will never create an undue interruption
  • Contains components equipped with UPS battery backup to avoid interruption in service due to a temporary power outage
  • Is equipped with a natural gas powered generator which will provide power indefinitely in the event of a prolonged public utility outage
  • Is a locked facility, preventing entrance by non-ISC personnel (The network room within each data center is again a locked facility within a locked facility, with access allowed only to authorized ISC technicians.)

Transmission Security
The transfer of information between ISC International Limited and its customers can be accomplished through several secure methods, including:

  • Encrypted e-mail (using transport layer security)
  • An encrypted VPN tunnel
  • An encrypted web interface
  • Secure FTP
  • Frame relay

Access Control
With access control, you'll decide who has access to your messaging information - and - determine the level of access assigned to each authorized person. With it:

  • A unique user identification and password will be assigned to each authorized person
  • You can require that passwords be changed at regular intervals
  • You can require a session to "time out" after a set period of inactivity

Audit Controls
Through a secure Internet connection, ISC's extranet web site gives authorized persons within your organization access to detailed records of your business messaging activity.

  • View message details such as sender, recipient, date and time, and duration.
  • Access audit information about the archiving and retrieval of information being stored on ISC's network.

At ISC, we've designed our network and put procedures in place to make certain your data is protected and secure.

  • The redundancy built into ISC's dual data centers ensures your information will be intact and available, even in the event of a natural disaster or other major occurrence.
  • Physical security measures employed by ISC constitute another safeguard of the integrity of customers' protected information.
  • Customers can maintain the integrity of their information by archiving protected information, data, and records with ISC at ISC's secure facilities.

For additional information about Security, call us at 1-877-472-4525

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